Catherine Stutzner, LPC-MHSP (Temp)

    I am here to help you, I look forward to hearing from you.

    about Catherine

    Catherine is a unique therapist with a breadth of lifetime experience that makes her an ideal therapist for adolescents and teens through adulting and on into parenting phases of life. Her background as a coach, entrepreneur, non-profit leader, and mom are life experiences she can draw from to guide you through your journey towards healing. Using a person-centered approach to counseling, Catherine uses multiple evidence-based techniques tailored to each stage of life and the problems that arise. Life doesn’t happen in a straight line. Sometimes we need a little help getting back onto our path.

    Catherine has additional training and certifications in Play Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Positive Discipline, and Be Body Positive which add to her traditional counseling toolbox. In her person-centered approach, she can apply a combination of these skills to help you be well.

    She offers Positive Discipline workshops for parents and Be Body Positive workshops for individuals of all ages wanting to learn about positive body image and intuitive eating.

    Be Body Positive

    The Be Body Positive Model is comprised of five core Competencies, the fundamental skills we can practice on a daily basis to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies. When we become proficient—competent—at using these skills, we are able to care for our whole selves from a place of self-love and appreciation, which allows us to act on our purpose and life goals.

    I spent the past two years working on a college campus working with students ranging in age from 18-26 years of age.  I became the eating disorder go to counselor in the college counseling center. What I learned was that disordered eating and eating disorders are completely preventable.   I enjoy working with my clients person to person, but what kind of human being would I be if I just sat back and allowed these social issues continue? I found an amazing program called The Body Positive.  I became a licensed facilitator in 2018 and have the passion to create a community in Nashville of Body Positive individuals.

    Come and spend an intimate day in a small group setting and learn how the Intuitive Health™ Model can transform your relationship with your body to one that is guided by love, forgiveness, joy, and celebration.

    During a daylong Be Body Positive workshop, you will immerse yourself in a process of self-exploration and creative activities that will allow you to:

    • Define physical health with real measurements of health rather than arbitrary numbers
    • Restore trust in your own body and in your ability to know how to care for it
    • Give yourself permission to deeply and truly love your human self
    • Develop an expansive definition of beauty so you can include yourself and all people
    • Build a Body Positive community to support a life of self-love and body esteem

    Contact me today if you are interested in this amazing program that has evidenced based material to prevent disordered eating and eating disorders.  

    Positive Discipline Parent Education Classes

    Positive Discipline is based on respect and trust in the child. Positive Discipline equips parents with practical parenting tools, including using limited choices, encouragement and positive reinforcement of appropriate behaviors, use of natural consequences to teach lessons, and the search for solutions through community or family meetings. This discipline philosophy is based largely on the principles developed by Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikers, which have been explained thoroughly in a series of books by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.




    Individual Therapy

    People have many different reasons for becoming a counselor just like there are many reasons why people seek counseling.  Searching for a therapist/counselor is like trying on shoes, sometimes the shoe fits perfectly and sometimes it take a while to get the right fit.  Each counselor is unique in their abilities to meet their clients where they are, whether it’s struggling with a chronic mental health diagnosis or working on a current life phase problem.   My approach to therapy is a meeting you where you are, creating a therapeutic relationship that allows us to explore your current problems, finding a way to reduce your pain and finding out why these problems are happening in the first place.

    I am a temporary licensed mental health therapist, which means I am working towards my full licensure.  We are required to work closely with our supervisors meeting with them weekly. I am hoping to have my full license by June 2021, just before my 50th Birthday! 



    4525 Harding Pike, Suite 200 Nashville TN 37205